PTFE lined EPDM rubber expansion joints

150LB PN16 JIS10K
Body Materials:
Applicable Medium:
water, hot water, air etc.
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Product Introduction

PTFE lined EPDM rubber expansion joints have advantages of PTFE and Rubber, PTFE can work in strong acid or strong alkali conditions,  and rubber (EPDM) has very good flexible performance.
Flanges standard: AISI, DIN, JIS, BS etc, or customs design.
Flanges material: Carbon steel, SS304, SS316, or other material.
Body:  EPDM, or Neoprene, Nature rubber, etc
Lining: PTFE (Teflon)
Size: DN50 (2") TO DN1000 (40")

PTFE lined EPDM rubber expansion joints
PTFE lined EPDM rubber expansion joints

Product Features

Single Sphere Rubber expansion joints PTFE lined are widely used in paper mills, chemical plants and other piping applications where acids and highly corrosive chemicals are being handled. Our manufacturing capabilities include a complete range of Metal and Rubber Expansion Joints, lined in PTFE for transferring chemicals, strong acids, corrosives or other hazardous materials.

Technical Parameters

PTFE lined EPDM rubber expansion joints

Size Pressure D (mm) D1(mm) n*d(mm) flange thidmess/b Length/L
DN32 150LB 120mm 89mm 4*16mm 14mm 95mm
DN40 150LB 127mm 98.5mm 4*16mm 16mm 95mm
DN50 150LB 152mm 120.5mm 4*18mm 18mm 105mm
DN65 150LB 180mm 139.5mm 4*18mm 18mm 115mm
DN80 150LB 190mm 152.5mm 4*18mm 18mm 135nm
DN100 150LB 226mm 190.5mm 8*22mm 20mm 150mm
DN125 150LB 254mm 216mm 8*22mm 22mm 165mm
DN150 150LB 280mm 241.5mm 8*22mm 22mm 180mm
DN200 150LB 343mm 298.5mm 8*22mm 24mm 210mm
DN250 150LB 405mm 362mm 12*26mm 26mm 230mm
DN300 150LB 485mm 432mm 12*26mm 28mm 245mm

Technical Standard

Working pressure PN16
Test pressure PN24
Explosion pressure PN48
Applicable temperature -15~+120 celsius degree
Applicable media Air, compressed air, water, sea water, hot water, oil, acid and alkali etc.

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