Rubber expansion joint with pressure balance ring

Body Materials:
Applicable Medium:
water, hot water, air etc.
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Product Introduction

Double sphere rubber expansion joint with pressure balance ring is special type, comparing with other common rubber expansion joints, it has a pressure balance ring in the middle of two sphere,it can bear bigger pressure, it's much more safe,except the pressure balance ring, it's same with common double sphere rubber expansion joint, size range from DN25 to DN600, namely from 1'' to 24'', working pressure is usually PN16 or PN25, working temperature is usually -15 ~ + 120 celsius degree.

Rubber expansion joint with pressure balance ring
Rubber expansion joint with pressure balance ring

Product Features

1.Our material comes from regular large factories, with guaranteed quality.
2.Strictly follow the customer's requirements for rubber production, do not replace the raw materials.
3.After vulcanization, there is no outer rubber layer to form a whole. The middle layer is made of polyester cord, all of which are in the shape of mesh. The connecting layer is thick and bears strong pressure.
4.After the production of finished products, we have professional inspectors to carry out the inspection, cut off the burrs, and make the ball smooth.
5.The ball can be labeled with vulcanization label according to the customer's requirements. If you need your own brand, start to customize the mold.
6.If the sphere is of special length, it can also be customized to be wound.

Technical Parameters

Rubber expansion joint with pressure balance ring

Size Pressure D D1 n*d b L
DN32 PN16 140mm 100mm 4*18mm 14mm 165mm
DN40 PN16 150mm 110mm 4*18mm 16mm 165mm
DN50 PN16 165mm 125mm 4*18mm 18mm 165mm
DN65 PN16 185nm 145nm 4*18mm 18mm 170mm
DN80 PN16 200mm 160mm 8*18mm 20mm 175mm
DN100 PN16 220mm 180mm 8*18mm 20mm 225mm
DN125 PN16 249mm 210mm 8*18mm 21mm 225mm
DN150 PN16 285mm 240mn 8*22mm 22mm 225mm
DN200 PN16 340mm 295mm 12*22mm 24mm 325mm
DN250 PN16 405mn 355mm 12*26mm 26mm 325mm
DN300 PN16 460mm 410mm 12*26mm 26nm 325mm
DN350 PN16 520nm 470mm 16*26mm 28mm 350mm
DN400 PN16 580mm 525mm 16*30mm 30mm 350mm
DN450 PN16 640mm 585mm 20*30mm 32mm 350mm
DN500 PN16 712mm 650mm 20*33mm 36mm 350mm
DN600 PN16 840mm 770mm 20*36mm 40mm 400mm

Technical Standard

Type 1 2 3
Working pressure PN10 PN16 PN25
Explosion pressure PN20 PN30 PN45
Vacuum degree 53.3 Kpa 86.7 kpa 100 kpa
Applicable temperature -15~+120 celsius degree    
Applicable media air, compressed air, water, sea water, hot water, oil, acid and alkali etc.    

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