Single Sphere Rubber expansion joints carbon steel flange

JIS10K PN16 150LB
Body Materials:
Applicable Medium:
water, hot water, air etc.
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Product Introduction

Yifa single shpere rubber expansion joint use high quality custom-made expansion joints supplied with split or fixed steel backing flanges. The full face flanges are integral with the body of the joint and drilled to conform the bolt pattern of the companion flanges of the pipe line.
Rubber: BR, EPDM, NBR, etc.
Flanges: Cast steel or carbon steel galvanized A105, Drilled to EN, ANSI, AWWA, JIS standards or any specific dimension.
For vacuum applications, an internal vacuum ring is incorporated.

Single Sphere Rubber expansion joints carbon steel flange
Single Sphere Rubber expansion joints carbon steel flange

Product Features

Yifa single shpere rubber expansion joint can absorbs Vibration, Noise and Shock. Sound travelling axially through Expansion Joints is stopped at once.
Easy to Install, Easy to Remove.
Higher Burst Strength.
Wide Service Range. .
Greater Movements are Available.
Suitable for Suction and Delivery.

Technical Parameters

Single Sphere Rubber expansion joints carbon steel flange

Size Pressure D D1 n*d b L
DN32 10K 135mm 100mm 4*19mm 16mm 95mm
DN40 10K 140mm 105mm 4*19mm 16mm 95mm
DN50 10K 155mm 120mm 4*19mm 16mm 105mm
DN65 10K 175mm 140mm 4*19mm 18mm 115mm
DN80 10K 185mm 150mm 8*19mm 18mm 135mm
DN100 10K 210mm 175mm 8*19mm 18mm 150mm
DN125 10K 250mm 210mm 8*23mm 20mm 165mm
DN150 10K 280mm 240mm 8*23mm 22mm 180mm
DN200 10K 330mm 290mm 12*23mm 22mm 210mm
DN250 10K 400mm 355mm 12*25mm 24mm 230mm
DN300 10K 445mm 400mm 16*25mm 24mm 245mm
DN350 10K 490mm 445mm 16*25mm 26mm 255mm
DN400 10K 560mm 510mm 16*27mm 28mm 255mm
DN450 10K 620mm 565mm 20*27mm 30mm 255mm
DN500 10K 675mm 620mm 20*27mm 30mm 255mm
DN600 10K 795mm 730mm 24*33mm 32mm 260mm

Technical Standard

Working pressure 1.6MPa (16kg f/cm2) Deflection Angle (a1+a2)45
Explosion Pressure 4.8MPa (48kg f/cm2) Vacume 53.3KPa(400mmHg)
Appliable Tempreture -15--80 degree,for special requiremetn could reach to-30--+140 degree    
Media Air, compressed air, water, sea water, hot water, oil, acid and alkali    

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