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Advantages of Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves have the following advantages:

1. Convenient opening and closing, labor saving, low fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently.
2. The structure is simple, the external dimensions are small, the structural length is short, the volume is small, and the weight is light. It is suitable for valves with large diameter.
3. Mud can be transported, and the least liquid is accumulated in the pipe mouth.
4. Under low pressure, a good seal can be achieved.
5. Good adjustment performance.
6. When fully opened, the effective flow area of the valve seat channel is large, and the fluid resistance is small.
7. The opening and closing torque is small, because the butterfly plates on both sides of the rotating shaft are basically the same under the action of the medium, and the direction of generating torque is opposite, so the opening and closing are more labor-saving.
8. The sealing surface material is generally rubber, plastic, so the low-pressure sealing performance is good.
9. Easy installation.
10. Flexible and labor-saving operation, you can choose manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic mode.

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