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Difference between rising and non-rising stem gate valve

1. The rising stem gate valve can see the screw stem, but the non-rising stem can not see the screw stem;
2. Rising stem gate valve is to raise or lower the disc through the threaded drive of the stem and the steering wheel; non-rising stem gate valve is connected to the steering wheel and the stem when the valve is opened and closed, it is through the rotation of the stem at a fixed point to drive the disc upward and downward to complete the opening and closing;
3. The transmission thread of non-rising stem gate valve is located inside the valve body, in the process of opening and closing, the stem only does rotational movement and the gate is raised and lowered in the valve body; the stem of rising stem gate valve drives the gate to raise and lower together, the transmission thread on the stem is outside the valve body, you can visually judge the gate opening and closing and position according to the movement direction and position of the stem;
4. The height dimension of the non-rising stem gate valve is smaller; the rising stem gate valve requires a larger installation space;

Rising stem gate valve

Non-rising stem gate valve

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