Rubber disc swing check check valve

Body Materials:
Ductile iron
Applicable Medium:
water etc.
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Product Introduction

The rubber disc swing check valve is mainly composed of three main parts, the valve body, the valve cover and the rubber valve. The rubber flap is made of steel plate, steel bar and reinforced nylon cloth, and the outer layer is made of rubber, and the valve switch life can reach 1 million times. The valve is designed with full flow area, which has the characteristics of small head loss, no accumulation of debris and gradual maintenance and so on. The valve is mainly applied to the water supply and drainage system, which can be installed at the outlet of the pump to prevent the reverse flow and water hammer from damage to the pump. The valve can also be installed on the bypass pipe of the water intake pipe to prevent water from flowing back.

Rubber disc swing check check valve
Rubber disc swing check check valve

Product Features

Yifa rubber disc swing check valve is used mainly for water supply and drainage system and can be set on the pump outlet to prevent the pump from getting harmed by the medium backflow. It can also be set on the mouth of a water outlet pipe to prevent the medium from backflow. It has simple structure,reliable performance,long durable,open-close times can be up to over million ones, can suitable for sewage.

Technical Parameters

Rubber disc swing check check valve

PN10/16 dimensions
DN L n-d B C D
50 204 4-φ18 95 125 160
65 225 4-φ18 115 145 180
80 244 4-φ18/8-φ18 130 160 195
100 292 8-φ18 150 180 215
125 300 8-φ18 180 210 245
150 358 12-φ23 205 240 280
200 437 8-φ23/12-φ23 260 295 335
250 502 12-φ23/12-φ26 320 350/355 405
300 560 12-φ23/12-φ26 380 400/410 460

Technical Standard

Design: EN1074-3
Flange end: EN1092-2/BS4504/DIN2532

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