Thread ball check valve

Body Materials:
Ductile iron
Applicable Medium:
water etc.
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Product Introduction

Thread ball Check Valve – This check valve uses a ball covering a round opening to separate the first and second port. When fluid is drawn in, the ball is pushed forward. The ball check valve are simple valves who have only one moving part which blocks the reverse flow - a spherical ball. The full port ball check valve seat is uniquely designed in a way which allows the ball to seat leak-tight the flow without getting wedge into the valve seat. When the fluid is pushed back, the ball is pressed into the round opening, which creates a seal and allows all fluid to flow out the second port in the intended direction. Ball check valves are used to prevent return flow in the pipeline transporting waste and sewage water and thick and viscous liquids.

Thread ball check valve
Thread ball check valve

Product Features

1.Full bore ensured
2.Self cleaning ball
3.Low pressure drop
4.Removeable bonnet for cleaning or changing the ball with out dis-assembly out of the pipeline
5.Horizontal and vertical installation in the pipeline.

Technical Parameters

Thread ball check valve

mm in
25 1 120 45 64
32 1-1/4 135 50 72
40 1-1/2 145 60 85
50 2 175 70 100
65 2-1/2 200 90 125
80 3 248 108 160

Technical Standard

1.Face to Face according to EN558-1 DIN3202 F6
2.Thread: BSP according to ISO 228-1

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