JIS Y-Strainer

Body Materials:
Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, WCB , Stainless Steel, Bronze/Brass
Applicable Medium:
Water, oil, steam and other non-corrosive media
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Product Introduction

Y-strainers are used in commercial and industrial applications, as well as for central water supply systems within the limits of their specifications. They protect systems against malfunction and corrosion damage resulting from the ingress of foreign bodies such as welding beads, sealing materials, metal cuttings and rust etc. This extends the life of the downstream system and prevents early failure.

JIS Y-Strainer
JIS Y-Strainer

Product Features

1. modelling beautiful, body reserve pressure hole.
2. easy to use and fast. According to user requirements to cover the screw on the change into ball valve, ball valve outlet drainage pipe, so that you can not open the cover, sewage with pressure.
3. can according to user requirements to provide different filtration precision of mesh. Filter cleaning easy to change.
4. and fluid channel design scientific and reasonable, flow resistance smaller, more traffic, the total area of the mesh is 3 ~ 4 times the size of nominal diameter.
5. telescopic can make the installation more convenient disassembly.

Technical Parameters

JIS Y-Strainer

DN D D1 L b Z-d H
φ50 φ155 φ120 220 20 4-φ19 154
φ65 φ175 φ140 270 20 4-φ19 173
φ80 φ185 φ150 290 22 8-φ19 195
φ100 φ210 φ175 350 24 8-φ19 225
φ125 φ250 φ210 390 26 8-φ23 268
φ150 φ280 φ240 440 26 8-φ23 328
φ200 φ330 φ290 540 30 12-φ23 425
φ250 φ400 φ355 660 32 12-φ25 497
φ300 φ445 φ400 770 32 16-φ25 564
φ350 φ490 φ445 980 36 16-φ25 636
φ400 φ560 φ510 1100 38 16-φ27 719
φ450 φ620 φ565 1200 40 20-φ27 800

Technical Standard

1.Design and manufacture according to KS B 1538.
2.Flange End according to KS B 1511.
3.Pressure test according to KS B 1538.

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